The Old Sheriffs Museum and Research Center Ribbon Cutting on April 13, 2024

Fort Davis, Texas: The Old Sheriffs Museum and Research Center Ribbon Cutting will be held on April 13, 2024 at 11 A.M. at the Old Jail. Tours of the museum, visits with regional law enforcement personnel, visits with regional county government officials, and their families, and food will be available until 2 P.M.

The Old Sheriffs Museum and Research Center is developing exhibits to display donated items and artifacts documenting the history of sheriffs in West Texas. Located by the Jeff Davis County Courthouse, the recently refurbished Old Jail will house exhibits, archives, and memorabilia about the history of law enforcement in the tri-county region of West Texas.

From Texas Rangers to local ranchers, from helping develop the state and national parks in the region to protecting the local communities, the history of these “old sheriffs” in and around Jeff Davis County, Brewster County, and Presidio County is filled with fascinating stories.

To donate funds or artifacts, or to inquire about volunteering to help research law enforcement history, please visit our website at TheOldSheriffsMuseum.org or email us at Info@TheOldSheriffsMuseum.org. Donations can also be accepted by check to The Old Sheriffs Museum, PO Box 1035, Fort Davis, TX 79734.

Our Vision is to create and provide a dedicated location to Remember, Respect, and Understand the early Law Enforcement of the Tri-County area of West Texas (Jeff Davis, Brewster, and Presidio Counties). We will do this through exhibits of pictures, artifacts, and stories donated by the families of the men and women who have served these communities since the 1800’s.

This Museum will also provide a Research Center for students of all ages to conduct research and learn more about the rich history of the West Texas frontier and those who worked to maintain law and order.

Overall, we plan to preserve the legacy of Law Enforcement of West Texas for the Tri-County area as well as the Trans Pecos region.